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Primer GF-021 of EXPRESS Kompozit®.
  • Primer GF-021 of EXPRESS Kompozit®.

Primer GF-021 of EXPRESS Kompozit®.

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Type the Quick-drying antikorrozitsionny protective modified alkyd primer for metal surfaces.

The scope Is intended for priming of surfaces from ferrous metal before coloring by alkyd and water and dispersive enamels. It is admissible to apply also on the wooden and painted earlier by alkyd enamels surfaces. Creates a reliable and resistant substrate for the subsequent coloring, protects a surface from corrosion. It is applied to priming of a metalwork, fences, drainpipes, metal furniture and doors, working tools, etc. of surfaces outside and inside, in particular damp, rooms.


Expense, m ²/kg 8-10.

The dry rest, % 67-70, depending on color.

Thinner the Kompozit®.Допускается Solvent to dilute to 10%ot the mass of a primer.

The way of drawing Is put with a brush, the roller, dispersion, okunaniy or oblivy.

Drying time at +20ºС iotnositelnoyvlazhnost of 50% - To an otlip - 4 hours. Coloring is possible in 4-5 hours. Drying is influenced by air exchange, relative humidity of air,

temperature and thickness of a film.

Gloss degree on ISO 2813:1994 Opaque.

Color of 3 ready colors (white, light gray, red-brown).

Wear resistance Good.

Chemical resistance Is steady against effect of some solvents, for example, of gasoline, white spirit, alcohol. Maintains effect of vegetable and mineral oils, jellied greasings.

Storage to Store and transport in the company hermetically closed container at a temperature from -20 °C to +30 °C, in the place, inaccessible for children. To protect from effect of moisture, heating devices and direct sunshine.

Warranty period of storage - 12 months.

Container of 12 kg, 55 kg.

Processed material:Metal
Color:Светло-серый, Красно-коричневый
Information is up-to-date: 07.12.2018
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