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Bleach for W1 Kompozit® wood
  • Bleach for W1 Kompozit® wood

Bleach for W1 Kompozit® wood

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


Ready to application special containing chlorine bleaching and disinfectant for a tree.

It is intended for disinfection and clarification of the struck wood. Effectively destroys derevookrashivayushchy and derevorazrushayushchy mushrooms, blue-green seaweed, lichens, other harmful microorganisms and their disputes. Returns to the struck wood natural color, raises its rating, at the same time does not change its structure, does not worsen mechanical properties and ability to pasting, varnishing and coloring.

Apply to processing of timber, wooden and mineral facades, fences, garden furniture, products and designs outside of and in buildings, in particular in the damp, badly aired rooms.


Qualitatively clarifies wood, without damaging it at the same time

Raises a wood rating

The processed wood can be painted and stuck together

Does not cause corrosion of metals

Expense: 5-10 sq.m/l

Drying time: 36 hours

Color: transparent with a yellow shade

Thinner: water

Packing: 1 l; 5 l

Warranty period of storage: 12 months of date of production

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 07.12.2018
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